"What About You?"

The new album "What About You?" is the sophomore release from Detroit & Ann Arbor's visionary Folk Rock-&-Beyond duo Mike & Joe. It sees Mike & Joe expand outward from the Folk Rock roots explored on their debut album, 2018's "While I'm Still a Stranger to the World and You." Mike & Joe pride themselves on their sense of Arrangement and Songwriting. They have studied under the great masters of the recording studio and of songwriting in general, including Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys; Paul McCartney; The Zombies; Simon & Garfunkel; the rich history of Motown; Nelson Riddle (of Frank Sinatra fame); and the great Producers like George Martin, Rick Hall, Phil Spector and too many others to name. These elder influences combine with contemporary pioneers like Father John Misty, The Black Keys, Mac Demarco, The Fleet Foxes & others of similar aims and ends. It is to this reservoir of happiness and creativity, this refulgent resurgence of genius and vision, that Mike & Joe deliver the What About You? record to the world.